Website redesigning and organic search performance are innately linked hence it is very important to understand that design has an observable effect on a website’s ability to rank well in the search engines. It was before few years while google ranked website by keywords density in content. Surely keywords still matter but one need to focus on readers rather than only crawlers and robots.

Around 46% of people consider a website design as number one criteria to decide the credibility of the business. So if your website fails to adjust to the mobile devices and desktop screen of all sizes you need the redesigning. If there are features on the site that do not work properly, if you cannot update the content, if your website prevents you from reflecting your latest business and marketing strategy and is hard to navigate. It is the high time for you to know your website need redesigning.

Do you know even people with no technical idea makes out the difference between a latest website and an outdated website? This actually hurts your business while your customer is choosing between the competitors. As it is more likely for the consumer to choose a nice-looking, easy-to-use website assuring him that the company is growing along with latest trends and technologies.

The website is your virtual office, it is the first impression you leave on your customers. We at Livebrain Marketing understand this and have the expertise to turn your website into 24/7 salesperson.  We research and understand the usability factors for your website we write the content for its discoverability and stay vigilant.