Marketing is an important part of any business or service. For any business to sustain and suffice the service requirements it needs money and marketing is an essential tool to achieve the end goal. A successful company involves a well-planned marketing budget and makes sure that the marketing money is being well spent to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy concluding a concrete plan.

Social Media Marketing is not just about content and conversation. Today it is more about an established channel for customer acquisition, remarketing by engaging the existing customers and serving and supporting them. Driving organic traffic using free tools provides a social network and builds a social community. While paying to display ads in these created communities is paid marketing. A cost is incurred depending on the type of platform utilized to display the ad. 

Paid Marketing 

:: Pay-Per-Click 

PPC has been an effective strategy for many years and this trend has never shown a remarkable slowing graph. The latest survey says that paid search marketing now accounts for 65% of “clicks”. Alphabet Google has reported a revenue generation of $32.6 billion in revenue from advertising which is 16% over the same period last year.

:: Social Media Ads

In the last few years, social media ads have grown exponentially. This is mainly because Facebook has begun offering users more paid marketing options than ever before. This has enabled marketers to reach beyond the local customers and helped them grow their business remarkably. Advertising on social media has turned as one of the easiest and effective ways to ensure maximum reach.

:: Remarketing and Retargeting Ads

This involves the display of ads to the buyers who have already visited your website by encouraging them to visit again. to encourage them to return.

:: Email Marketing

E-mail Campaigns are run creating responsive and easy-to-implement templates.

:: Display Ads

This mode of advertising lets you place ads on large and small sites – to connect with potential customers. It includes all kinds of ad text, image, interactive, and video ads.

:: Affiliate Model: 

This provides purchase opportunities where people may be surfing and providing financial incentives to affiliated partner sites. This could be said as a pay-for-performance model because the merchant incurs no cost if the affiliate generates no sales.

There are various other paid marketing targets like mobile ads, local ads, product listing, etc. One can directly pay and use all these services. But then what makes the digital media marketing agencies important in this is the strategical implementation of your hard-earned money.

Why Choose Livebrain Marketing

Research says in 2020, marketers and businesses need a proper understanding of PPC’s place in their overall marketing strategy and how that will actually work in the process. While paid social ads require a channel to an already crowded and fragmented social platform it requires conversion funnel, keeping track of return on investment of the money. Our expertise and years of experience understand the market requirements and implements a strategy assuring high ROI. 

We have our responsive and easy-to-implement templates created by our designers that make email marketing more effective. While planning a marketing strategy all the tools and resources are utilized. We understand that your competitors’ marketing strategies are highly crucial to get your target audience’s complete attention. Hence, we do complete market research and we do not insanely invest high amounts for your marketing budgets to spread the word about your business. Rather we have successfully catered many businesses with lower budgets utilizing all the channels.