Livebrain Marketing understands the importance of content writing for website, blog, or an article. We create it to demonstrate your expertise and point of view to win the business and get promoted. We write with an idea to present your clear and concrete thought.

If we try  to mention the importance of content writing in numbers the latest statistics show while content marketing cost is 62% less than the traditional cost while it generates 3 times more leads. Our experience and data also confirm that the most effective B2B marketers spend 39% of their budget on content marketing believing 78% of consumers give their trust to the brand that creates more customized content.

We craft an attractive headline, subheading talking to readers in a conversational tone, and easily understood modes. Our skillsets identify the customer’s interests, demographics, pain points, and create a customer persona crafting engaging content with respect to the subject. Further identifying the competitors, the gaps in the strategy, and addressing the shortcomings we plan the content for the company products presenting uniqueness around it. Our writer’s team pour their heart to the content parallelly with our marketers who brainstorm different types of metrics (lead generation, sales, consumption, and social) to tie them and give a complete view of company content writing and marketing performance to the business goals.

Developing content does not mean just writing. It incorporates the relevant graphics or designing images from scratch. Late 2018’s report concludes that each article has an average of 3.2 images for an average of 1150 word articles. Our designers, writers, and marketers team together mark up as a skilled team that builds a resourceful community with an ability to connect people and stimulate a
discussion maximizing engagements.