Digital Marketing is taking the commercial world by storm. Survey says that 83% of businesses trust their current digital marketing efforts as their assistant in achieving their goals. This conviction of the business has become stronger due to the COVID-19 scenario. All the marketers believe in the coming months, business is going to become more reliant than ever on their digital marketing strategies. These testing times will soon end up but with making our digital habit stronger. The unprecedented total disappearance of other channels like live events and conferences and the increasing webinars social media marketing will win the show

We at Livebrain Technologies Marketing (LbTM) understand the need of this hour. Our experience can relate the key performance indicators directly to the customer’s business goals. In the instance where the customer goal is to raise awareness of the product, our KPIs target is to get the maximum posts shared. While the customer target being increasing revenue, we track the conversion rates and actual sales instead. Our experience and tactics sharply strategize by combining digital media with SEO creating the power of both systems in achieving business goals.

What makes LbT Marketing an ideal choice for Digital Marketing Services

We have created marketing campaigns for our customers learning every new way that works to bring website traffic and page rankings. Our experience has noted many KPIs that are important to any digital marketing company.

Traffic-To-Lead Ratio

This metric wins the game to know and understand the website’s performance. If there is no lead generated against traffic noted on the website. It alarms to upgrade the content and further study the nature of the users.

Popular Pages:

Our team discovers the visitor’s time spent on your site by finding the most appreciated pages.

Traffic Source

Our research and study help us to discover the source followed by the visitors to land on the website.