Experiential writing is one of the arts of content writing. It does not only introduce people to the products rather it fosters and turns it into memories tied with the brands. And need not to mention that when people adopt brands as part of their personas they turn up to loyal ambassadors of the brand. The competition has hiked adding so many distractions online that an article of 600-something words means only 40% would continue reading. This ends up because they got confused and distracted. It is here where experiential content writing skills wins the game.
Livebrain Marketing content writing techniques have sequential storytelling skills following dramatic practices like compressing or decompressing time or alternating text length that helps to build momentum and releasing the right amount of information keeping people engaged through the entire narrative. We understand people tend to trust other people over brands. A survey says 83% of people take action based on recommendations from friends and family. Brands thus benefit by leaning voices of brand advocates and other experiential attendees.
We understand that alike the times have changed now the traditional means like Television no more persuades consumers to buy from a brand. The traditional straight content writing does not impress visitors anymore. This is the era of new India rising to the needs of the technological world. People are very smart and they know the ways out to avoid the means of advertising they are ready to pay more to skip the ads, they can use blockers, they are so busy with the mobiles in the hands that they hardly have time to notice the brightly lit billboards on the driveways. This is all that alarms the trendy content to replace with experiential writings wrapped in human experiences.
Livebrain Marketing team work captures this human essence in the experiential marketing webs perfectly creating the emotional connection with consumers. We connect consumers in experiences that engage human senses creating lasting impacts on their memory leading purchasing decisions.